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Our eight Lake Norfork cabins are clean, comfortable and up-to date!  The Wagon Wheel Resort offers breathtaking Arkansas Ozark Mountains and Norfork lake views at an affordable rate!  Here, you will find the perfect combination of a deep-rooted domain with modern luxuries!

We are conveniently located on AR Highway 101 so you won’t have to drive your boat down a gravel road.  We are also a quick 7 miles outside of Mountain Home, where you can shopping, dining and and down home entertainment. At the Wagon Wheel, guests can relax, take in the beauty of nature, enjoy wildlife from your screened porch or read a book on a hammock. Those who prefer more action can enjoy some of our outdoor recreation activities, hike through nearby park trails or drive/walk down to the lake to play on our dock! 

Whether you are coming to relax or to be active, you will enjoy a perfect combination of past and present!  Breathe in fresh air, see nature in it’s fullest beauty, and unplug from your day-to-day routine to take it all in and live in the day!

A Bit of Our History

Wagon Wheel Resort has been a landmark on Lake Norfork for over 70 years. Beginning as Winn’s Lodge and cabins in the 1950’s, bits of our property here and there remind us of what once was!  The door of cabin 7 was original to the cabin, by way of a photo from 1955. The photo also shows a chair that still sits on cabin 3’s porch.  A wood burning outdoor grill still remains.  

The Wagon Wheel Resort would have also been the nearest cabin resort to the Lake Norfork ferry. The ferry crossed from Bidwell Point Park to Panther Bay Park into Mountain Home, Arkansas, before the 101 bridge was built in 1982.  


WAgon Wheel Resort Lake Norfork Cabins
Lake side of the property

Your Hosts

Jenni and Jared relocated here from the Chicago suburbs in the Fall of 2013.  Jared had vacationed on the lake as a kid, while Jenni knew little about the area.  Jared wanted to utilize his property maintenance/construction background for self-employment and they landed here!  One year after spontaneously taking over the Wagon Wheel, they welcomed a New Year’s day baby.  A few years later, they added a little handyman, completing the Wagon Wheel family. 

Jenni currently runs the resort and stays home with the kids, while Jared a home inspector business and is new construction manager. Both actively volunteer in various community organizations. The freedom for the kids to play in nature and grow up developing a strong work ethic makes all of the hard work worth it!  And they sure can’t beat the view from their “office”.

Wagon Wheel Coan family 2020

Coan Family 2020

"Unreel" at the Wagon Wheel!

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